Connecting the iPhone to a Streamsheet via MQTT

In the following video I will show how to connect the real time values from the sensors of my iPhone to a Streamsheet using a MQTT broker. To achieve this, I use an iPhone app that is publishing the sensor data to a specific topic on a MQTT broker.

In the video you see how to create a MQTT Connector for the iPhone and how to create a MQTT consumer that subscribes to the MQTT topics of the sensor data.

In the next step it is shown how to link the key/values pairs of the message payload to Streamsheet cells and how to apply some spreadsheet formulas on it. Once this ist done, you can see how I rotate the iPhone in two directions (pitch and roll) and the objects on the Streamsheet rotate accordingly.

The next step will be to republish the sensor readings back to the MQTT app on the iPhone to have it display the current values there while we rotate the smartphone.